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Management consulting 

The team has over 25 years of consulting experience regarding SMEs and multinational companies. 

Thanks to our diverse experience in consulting, we learned how to understand and assess complex industries quickly and effectively. We led several projects related to strategy development, organizational efficiency improvement and controlling supported by Business Intelligence tools.   

Professional background:

McKinsey & Company consulting services startup incubator business
vodafone hungary telecommunication telekommunikáció business vállalkozás big4
EY consulting business startup hungary budapest incubator accelerator
Octoment kft consuting budapest hungary magyarország startup incubator accelerator inkubátor

Reference projects:  

EFOP 1.9.6


  • Conducting feasibility study and assessing the operation of 90 medical institutions regarding IT implementation project. Also supporting the implementation. 

Hungarian Post and MVM digital transformation project 

  • Organizational maturity assessment, AS-IS assessment, TO-BE design, collecting business and technological requirements, complex ERP system implementations and project management. 

Regional Bank Benchmark

  • Benchmarking 40 retail (consumer) banks on a regional level, identifying best practices, developing strategy. 

Controlling and Business Intelligence  

Over the past 5 years, we led several controlling-based projects in the SME and government segments. 

We have a wide range of experience in developing strategic goals and assessing internal processes in order to identify and establish business and process-based KPIs. We also participated in creating data warehouses and in performing different data transformations. 

Professional background:

Tanácsadás Consulting McKinsey & Company startup business budapest hungary international
EY consulting international budapest incubator accelerator hungary lunar program
Octoment kft consulting lunar program incubator startup vállalkzás tanácsadás

Reference projects:  


  • Developing a data-driven decision support system for the management regarding the retail network 


  • Developing contract-based revenue forecasting system 

EFOP 1. 9. 6 

  • Creating the concept of the performance monitoring system for the whole industry, setting key performance indicators, and developing the structure of the data warehouse 

Innovation ecosystem 

We have gained great experience in combining the rights skills and competencies to form the right founding team, developing e-learning materials, sharing practical knowledge with the help of Design Thinking based methods, incubating teams, and mentoring. 

There were 17 teams, who have already finished our program and there are 16, who are still participating in it.    

Professional background:

Lunar Program integrated accelerator incubator inkubátor akcelerátor tanácsadás startup vállalkozás
oktogon ventures startup investment befektetés vállalkozás tanácsadás consulting hungary budapest magyaroszág vállalkozás

Reference projects:  

Lunar Program 

  • Combining the right skills and competencies to support the best team setup and incubating the teams (30+ teams) 

Oktogon Ventures 

  • Supporting 15 investment cycles and managing a portfolio of 12 companies 

Education management 

We created Youth Business Group (YBG) 7 years ago, social entrepreneurship that has become the region’s biggest talent pool. We operate with more than 1200 active members in 4 different countries and 12 universities. 

In YBG, we put emphasis on developing leadership and entrepreneurial competencies, networking abilities, and an “Always All-In” attitude. During our journey, we learned to raise and sustain students’ attention and interest in extracurricular activities. By building YGB a regional talent hub we experienced how to lead and manage organizations in different countries effectively. 

Thanks to our 10 years of experience in the Student’s Union, we know the national education system on university level and the institutions inside out. In the case of Corvinus University of Budapest, we have actively supported the university model transformation and played a key role in establishing a state-of-the-art alumni system. 

Professional background:

YBG Youth Business Group Lunar Program talent pool tehetség tehetségközösség university education
Budapesti Corvinus Egyetem education university corvinus budapest magyarország hungary

Reference projects:  

Youth Business Group 

  • Creating, implementing, and monitoring Talent Program, a 4 semester-long interactive skill development and training program. 

Corvinus University of Budapest 

  • Supporting model transformation as Steering Committee members 

  • Supporting the digital transformation of student administration and services 

  • Supporting the development of alumni strategy and implementing digital solutions 

  • Coordinating the development of Data Scientist in Business major 


Through these activities, we developed our networking skills and have built our current network, in which we have strong connections to the local startup ecosystem, local SMEs, multinational companies, educational institutions, and the relevant government policies.

Policy makers

szakpolitika partner magyarország miniszterelnökség fivosz itm ivsz emberi erőforrások minisztériuma
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