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Take your first steps towards global success with Lunar Program

We support startup teams from idea validation to local and foreign market entry
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Adapting to your needs
EIT Digital VIP

We are EIT Digital's Venture Incubator Program Partner in Hungary. The program targets idea stage teams and focuses on supporting them through idea validation and MVP development. EIT Digital provides 5-30k EUR for participants in capital while our team supports you professionally. 


We select promising teams for our pre-incubation program and support them to become 'investment ready'. In 1-3 months we provide tailored support for your team to validate your business and prepare for market entry and fundraising. We primarily look for teams with tech background and strong domain knowledge. At the end of the pre-incubation phase your team will be ready to start fundraising for your pre-seed round. 

Startup Factory

In our Startup Factory Incubation Program you can apply for up to 75k EUR investment with a 6-month-long intensive and tailored incubation program supporting you to launch your product. We are looking for teams with validated business idea both pre-revenue and post-revenue. We exclusively invest together with Angel Investors in a 80-20 split - for this we naturally also support your fundraising if we select you. 

What we believe in
  1. Getting our teams across the revenue line - and especially across the foreign revenue line

  2. Co-investing with various Business Angels based on project relevance 

  3. Pushing our teams forward to international top accelerators

About our

Welcome to Lunar Program, where we're dedicated to propelling early-stage startup teams from the spark of an idea to conquering local and international markets. With a foundation rooted in business, management, and venture building, we're committed to providing comprehensive support tailored to your venture's needs.

At Lunar Program, we understand that every startup journey is unique. That's why our approach is centered on offering practical and customized assistance across various critical areas. From conducting thorough market research and validation to crafting robust market entry strategies, sales, and marketing plans, we're here to guide you through each step of the process.

Our ultimate objective? To help your team swiftly transition from ideation to revenue generation. We prioritize getting startups across the revenue line as quickly as possible, equipping them with the essential tools and strategies needed to secure their first few customers. By doing so, we ensure that startups are not only primed for success but also ready to pursue funding opportunities both locally and internationally.

With Lunar Program, you're not just another startup in the crowd — you're a valued member of our entrepreneurial community. Join us as we embark on this exhilarating journey together, turning your vision into a thriving reality. Discover the support, guidance, and resources you need to reach new heights of success with Lunar Program by your side.

Why choose us? - We are TRULY founder friendly

Tailor made for your needs

We align our support with your needs. With us, you are not going to fill out your 25th Business Model Canvas and won’t participate in frontal presentaions. We will give you customer intros, hands-on support in internationalization and give a helping hand in hiring and fundraising.

Working together as partners

We treat you as adults and business partners in an equal relationship. We invest along international standard and startup friendly terms and make investment documentation in English whenever it is possible.

Been there, done that

Operator background, we are entreprenuers ourself. Having both business and investment experince. We are young, ambitious, had our failures and successes. 

What people are saying

Starting a new business for the first time is scary. Lunar Program showed us the steps ahead and guided us through the uncharted space. They nudged us and kept the tasks coming. They made the first steps seem simple, less scary, and the whole process easy. Lunar Program is the warp drive of awesomeness.


Don’t hesitate to join the program!


During the first meeting, both Kitti and Ádám understood our product very well. It meant a lot to be around young professionals who know what they're doing and know how to maximize our skills to deliver a strong business model and start our product design journey. I received professional advices and insights throughout the whole training period.


The Lunar team provides us with a wide scale of support from individual coaching to mapping out steps of our customer journey for our digital platform development. They are both a strategic and operative partner - they bring great insights and reality checks when we are planning our future and if need be they are also there for us to craft sales and marketing messages or mobilize their network for our sales campaign.  


Get in touch with us and learn more!

If you have questions or would like to learn more about us feel encouraged to reach out directly!

In the meanwhile you can learn more and see what is going on with us at the moment follow us on LinkedIn!

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