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You can apply any time through our application form.  We aim to process and answer every incoming application within a week. 

As a next step we will schedule a 30-minutes intro call with you to start to assess where you are in your journey and if we would be a great fit for eachother. If you applied with intention to get investment from us we would also set up a call with our investment managers for you.  

After our first intro sessions we will deliberate with the wider Lunar team and get back to you with feedback and potential next steps. 


We use two terms regarding the professional support we provide: pre-incubation and incubation. 

Pre-incubation is the period before your team is "investment ready". In this period we focus on helping you validate your idea and markets, create a clear market entry and business strategy and pull together a compelling narrative and material for fundraising. We do not provide capital during the pre-incubation period and the professional support is tailored to the teams. While our professional support and services are free we ask the participating teams for commitment to ensure we have an investment option in their next fundraising round. 

After we invest in our teams we provide 6-months of intensive support - this is what we refer to as incubation. During this time we mainly focus on providing practical support on whatever daily challenge you come across. Our goal with our teams is to get them across the revenue line, especially foreign revenue line as soon as possible. Furthermore we strongly encourage our teams to apply for top global accelerators and of course we support them in this too. 


We invest under the Startup Factory incubator scheme. After application and potential pre-incubation we assess the applying teams and aim to invest 50-75k EUR with 20% co-investment from angel investors. 

For investment consideration we expect teams to have a clear product and market entry vision, aim towards global markets and either have a ready, sellable MVP or can achieve it within reasonable timeframe (~3 months)

Proposal Call (Címzetti Felhívás)

Financial plan template

Advance request template

Project closing document template

Statement of transparency

Statement of data validity

Statement of new venture entity

Statement of application eligibility

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