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Kitchen Hero

"Our concept has developed a lot in the last months, thanks to Lunar Program. We've gone through several market research and validations, and we've completed our full business plan and pitch deck. 

Our team continues to work with Lunar Program so that soon we can meet in the kitchen. 


  • Consciously, Comfortably, Easily... Kitchen Hero" 

"How do you turn an idea into a successful business?


Like everything else, it starts with a decision. For us, the first big decision was to join Lunar Program. [...] After just 5 months, we found ourselves in front of a group of investors who were listening to our plans with all their attention on us. 


If you want to start a startup and you only have one idea and a lot of motivation, I’m sure the Lunar team will teach you not only to walk but to fly!” 


"The biggest challenge for us was how to turn our idea into a truly working business. With the help of Design Station, we got to know and explore all aspects of the startup world. [...] Lunar Program has enriched us with a lot of useful advice and knowledge, and we thank the facilitators for their work in helping us with everything. So there is nothing left but to aim for the Moon."

"A huge challenge for Teachizi is building our company on two markets at the same time, because we are still developing our website in France and at the same time we are entering a huge potential market in Hungary. [...] Thanks to the help of the Lunar Team, we are happy to announce that TEACHIZI will be available in Hungary in Spring 2022. 


We are also thrilled to keep working together with Lunar in their accelerator program and together we are developing a holistic learning experience!


Only one way possible…To the Moon!"

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