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Learn what is Design Thinking and how it can support you through your journey!
Brief & Research
Define your problem and create a research plan to deeply understand and thoroughly validate it!
Brief Research
Rebrief & Brainstorming
Synthesize the research results and generate a wide variety of potential solutions!
Rebrief Brainstorming
Concept selection
Narrow down your ideas and select the concept that would provide the best solution to your problem!
Concept selection
Summarize your progress and the next steps in validating and building your concept further!
Prototype & Testing
Based on the selected concept develop the first prototype and prepare it for testing!
Prototype Testing

Creative Concept Design

12 weeks

From problem to solution! - Creative Concept Design leads you through problem definition, research, and concept design until your first prototype and its market validation.

E-learning platforms

36 hours
personalized workshops

10 hours
individual consulting

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