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Meet the team
Ambitious and dedicated professionals with years of experience in different fields guarantee the success of startups in Lunar Program

Lunar Program Co-Ceo Jankó Dániel
Dániel Jankó
  • LinkedIn Jankó Dániel
Lunar Program Co-Ceo Launchpad accelerator lead Kubiczki János
János Kubiczki
Co-CEO & Launchpad Lead
  • LinkedIn Kubiczki János
Lunar Program Design Station incubator lead Jakab Kitti
Kitti Jakab
Design Station Lead
  • LinkedIn Jakab Kitti
Lunar Program IT manager Füzesi Krisztián
Krisztián Füzesi
IT Manager
  • LinkedIn Füzesi Krisztián
Lunar Program Launchpad Experience Manager accelerator Polyák Ádám
Ádám Polyák
Lunar Program Investment manager Parragh Péter
Péter Parragh
Investment Manager
Lunar Program External Relations Manager Szabados Levente
Levente Szabados
External Relations Manager
Lunar Program Launchpad Experience Manager Szlovencsák Viktor
Viktor Szlovencsák
Lunar Program HR manager Vizúr Péter
Péter Vizúr
HR Manager
  • LinkedIn Vizúr Péter
Lunar Program Marketing PR manager Varga Dóra Karola
Dóra Karola Varga
Marketing & PR Manager
  • LinkedIn Varga Dóra Karola
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